Beginning of Wisdom Collection Four

The first stage of true existence may be found next to our introduction of wisdom. This exchange with wisdom produces more than a feeling but corrals our senses toward sound action and decisions beneficial to our coming experiences. Albeit our experiences- even if futile- may lead us to a conscious exploration of knowledge.

Our experiences, found in the desert of wander; our messages, carried within the hues of our conversation with creation. Wisdom is sifted through the travails of our journey. In the face of painful waves we remain, grounded, with the sands of destiny anchoring our soul.

Our heads held distinctly erect as if caught in the billowing clouds of possibility prophesied in the bluest skies. The rugged darkness, a reflection of wisdom embodied from our beginnings. Our judgments void of wisdom lead to destruction, the fool says in his heart there is no God. The institution of wisdom, by any woman or man, carries one to a different destination. Your design, a letter, constructed to remain.

What is Bachar?