Collection 3: Secret Place

Very often, if we are paying attention, life reminds us of the subtle environments that have been created to clothe us with the garments and accessories needed for the path that lies ahead. This inspiration hit me on a recent trip to Atlanta as I was traveling around the outskirts of the city when I suddenly got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. I was guided to an unmemorable tire shop but I remember the young man who I depended on to relieve me of this inconvenience as I sat in this somber garage. That’s when this simple thought caused me to look at my environment differently, and I saw how my success of getting to my destination was predicated on the grungy, secluded, unglamorous and secretive work of this used tire mechanic.

SECRET PLACE, the name I chose for this collection represents the juxtaposition of these two images. A place where we work humbly and diligently when no one is watching to present an idea or thought and the public access, a place where we hope to present successful and effective expression of an idea that has been tested and proven in that secret place. We frequently fail to appreciate the quiet and unexpected locations of solitude that life may offer physically and mentally to fit us for the journey ahead. The secret and intentional preparations produce sustainable public presentations. If we’re looking and listening, our environment constantly present this merging as is inspired throughout this collection.